In His Image

Psalm 139:14 (CSB)

“ I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous and I know this very well.”

All it takes is a stroll into the grocery store and a few minutes in the check out lane for you to feel as if you don’t measure up to the pictures that are surrounding you. Headlines are screaming out at you, “ How to drop those unwanted pounds”, “ Look 10 years younger in 15 minutes a day!” and that is just the beginning. Social media is drowning in the same kind of content, every app has its own special filters to help you perfect your imperfections. It is truly no wonder that both women and men struggle more now with self confidence and body image than ever before. When those thoughts creep in it is because we have lost sight of something so important, so valuable… We are made in the image of God. God doesn’t make mistakes, and He took His time making each and every one of us. So while taking care of our physical body is important for our health, it is also important to remember that our Heavenly Father created us in His time and in His image. Don’t let the world keep you down, remember who made you, and be thankful for all that God did when He made us in His image.

Genesis 1:27

“ So God created man in His own image; he created them in the image of God; He created them male and female.”

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